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If you're not sure if you should post it, just ask!
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NO FLAMING! Respect is a requirement not only on our Tribes servers, but here as well. Also, political discussion are a regularity here. You are free to express any and all ideas you may have so as long as you treat others with respect.

NO PORN! If its something u would see in a Victorias Secret, u are free to post it. However, anything too provactive for them may NOT be posted here. i like T&A as much as the next guy, but i do not want any legal liabilty from porn posted on my site. a site, which i know minors regularly visit.

NO WAREZ! (before u ask, google!) no dl's, no torrents, no discussion, no shit!

the management Cool

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I'm adding a rule which is part of a running gag, no topics discussing the music, or praising the artist Kenny G. If you can call him an artist.

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